chlorophyll memories

by steuart liebig

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the pieces on this album were inspired by a series of poem edits done by my friend michael thomas cooper on a piece of his called "#27 revisited a series of progressive edits," as documented here (as long as it's on the 'net):

basically, i recorded a few small back-to-back improvisations into abelton live, cleaned out the dead space between them and then started to chop, reorder and manipulate them.

on the first piece, i used a fretless 6-string bass in standard tuning (B–C) with flatwound strings and used only a piezo film pickup placed under the bridge, which allows for a lot of body resonance and sensitivity.

on the next two pieces, i used fretted and fretless 6-string basses tuned up a minor third (D–Eb) with roundwound strings and the same pickup configuration.


released January 27, 2016

steuart liebig: 6-string fretted and fretless basses, abelton live manipulations

recorded and manipulated: january 2016

thanks fodera basses, rick turner (piezo pickups), kalium strings (cm_02 and cm_03) and thomastik-infeld strings (cm_01)

sisong music@ ascap