by steuart liebig

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there are a lot of thoughts going on out there on the death of charlie haden.

even though i'm basically an electric bass player, to say he had a seminal influence on me would be an understatement.

during the 70s, i spent incalculable hours trying to get one note *just so*—like he did. it always seemed to me that he could practically tell the whole story with one note—the depth and intention of each note he played were palpable—and that's what i wanted to be able to do.

it's something that i still aspire to. every time i pick up a new bass i want to hear that low note and see if it can live up to his example.

i met charlie a few times. the most lasting memory was going to hand off an electric bass he was renting from me for his son, josh. he lived in someone's guest house in brentwood. being around 24 and considering him a god of sorts, it blew my mind that he didn't own the front house.

just shows what our society values . . .

charlie seemed to really embody the music and make that his first concern. a beacon to follow in these days of vapid marketing and hollow "talent" . . .

thanks, charlie. god speed.


released July 17, 2014

steuart liebig: solo 6-string bass guitars, low pass filter, volume pedal, looper.

(all of these are first takes, not because they were "better" technically or sonically, but because i felt they were more "true" emotionally.)

live improvs, no overdubs.
recorded 15 and 16 july 2014

thanks fodera basses.

sisong music@ ascap