rabbit hole full of mirrors

by steuart liebig

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this album is made of the audio from a bunch of short videos of bass loops (a few added ipad synths as well). that i did on facebook and youtube (sonic postcards)—the videos showed just the amp while the audio played, just a goofy little project.

so . . . the process was to do a stereo loop, video/audio record it with the mono mic on my iphone and then post it. i did this for several days in a row, took a break and then did it again.

next i dumped them all into abelton live, trimmed them, repeated a few of them to create grooves/beds, created a form and collaged them together. then i recorded some of the composited tracks and manipulated those and laid them over the basic collage.

this is very much a trance, walk-around-the-house piece . . . though it can also be fun to listen to with headphones.


released December 30, 2015

steuart liebig: 6-string fretted and fretless basses, analog and digital processing, ipad synths, loops.

recorded: 20–25 june, 02–13 july, 18-25 july, 08 august and 14 october 2015

collaged and manipulated: november–december 2015

thanks fodera basses and kalium strings

sisong music@ ascap